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Nick Martin

Co-founder & CEO Twitter Linkedin

For over 60 years the air travel industry has been a largely unsociable experience for its customers. I’m a frequent flier for my work and therefore spend a lot of that time alone. Sure I can catch up on work, sleep and learning but it could be very different.

I use Planely to make that time more productive by generating new business, making new friends, getting lots of feedback on this concept and sometimes even guaranteeing myself a quiet/comfortable flight. I believe flying badly needs remodeling into a social experience for all.

Paul Kirkaas

Co-founder, C.T.O. & back-end technology Linkedin

I’ve managed software engineering projects around the world, from Pakistan to Africa, Europe and America; with Foreign Development Aid, Defense, and .com startups. As a result I get invited to go to a lot of conferences.

I use Planely to meet others going to the same event. In the past I’ve been on planes and heard people talking about where I’m going but they’ve been too far away to engage. Not anymore. Now I get to use my travel time more efficiently and network as I fly. The full networking experience at zero cost.

Gorm Casper

Co-founder & front-end design Linkedin

When I’ve not got my head buried deep in my work I’m dreaming about the next place I want to visit. I love to travel. New experiences in new places in far off lands are the ultimate university.

I use Planely to meet people from wherever it is I’m going. Lonely Planet is great but if you want to find the real gems you need to know a local. Before that would’ve been a cab driver or the hotel concierge. Now, it’s the person returning home on the same plane that’s taking me on my next adventure.